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UWI School of Veterinary Medicine


The UWI School of Veterinary Medicine, proudly producing well trained, competent and versatile professionals who can practice all aspects of veterinary medicine in the Caribbean and any other place in the world.

Entertainment Expo, UWI, Mona


Pictures taken at the inaugural Entertainment Expo held at the University of the West Indies, Mona November 22, 2007. All the exhibits were researched and staged by students. They were also responsible for inviting the artists and the many professionals who delivered presentations.

2009 Footprint Report

Cave Hill Campus:

Total participants: Total collected: B$ To be advised Most involved Faculty: To be advised

Mona Campus:

Total participants: 118.00 Total collected: J$ 23,811.25 (US$267.50) Most involved Faculty: Social Sciences (50% i.e. J$11,905.62)

Open Campus:

This campus was not established in time for the 2008 campaign. It opened in September 2008 and a UWI STAT Group has not yet been established.

St. Augustine Campus:

Total participants: 934 Total collected: T$2,000.00 (US$300.00) Most involved Faculty: To be advised

Focus on America - UWI


A 5 minute feature on the UWI which appeared on CNN and the Discovery Channel.

UWI 60th Anniversary


From its first class of 33 medical students in 1948, The University of West Indies (UWI) has been dedicated to the advancement of the Caribbean region through teaching and research innovation. Today, UWI stands as an icon of Caribbean leadership in government, law, business, education, and science. Now, in the year of our 60th Anniversary Celebrations, as we continue to reinvent ourselves, we invite you to rediscover who we are.


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