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Part 3: Do you Know this Building? YES!

Part 3: Do you Know this Building? YES!

Take a trip down memory lane reflect, contemplate and smile.

Photo by Owen Minott

In the same way a Jamaican adult would say to a child “what a way you grow big”, we at the museum were awestruck when we saw this image. It perfectly illustrates the evolution of the UWI Mona Campus over the years. We believe that if aren’t familiar with it many would not be able to identify the core function of this structure.

Just look at where we are coming from – a mighty long way.

Please leave your response in the comment section. The name and location of the building will be confirmed or posted next week.

This is the entrance to the old Faculty of Medical Sciences

Here is the original photograph with the name of the building.

Thanks for engaging in this visual trek down memory lane.


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