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Part 4: Do you know this building?

Part 4: Do you know this building?

Have you ever stopped to listen to the voices carried by the wind while strolling through the UWI Mona campus? They whistle through the ackee trees, aqueduct and distillery, singing with the windows and doors of the Old Library and Bookkeepers cottage, pulling attention to the presence of the past whilst orating the story of the palimpsest. Through the clattering of windows or a door escaping its lock, you are charged to look in the direction of these old structures, which illuminates the Campus’s multiple tiers of history.

Photo from the Owen Minott Collection

From slave plantation to refuge/internment camp and from University College of the West Indies to the University of the West Indies. The journey can not only be seen in the historical remains but also the name.

When Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago gained independence in 1962, the University acquired the right to grant degrees and like the newly independent host countries which lowered the Union Jack and raised their National Flag, the University put aside its old name and took on a new one – The University of the West Indies. For both country and school it was new beginnings, thus, with heads held high Caribbean nationals marched into a new kind of freedom – pride and high ambition being their guide.

As we celebrate another year of Independence, join us in a moment of reflection. For those who know the building in the image, try to think about where we are coming from and where we are now.

Post your response in the comments section, we will post a follow article with the name of this building next week.

Happy Independence!

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