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SLIDESHOW: Taking you there!

SLIDESHOW: Taking you there!

We told you about the Archaeological Society of Jamaica’s 16th annual symposium March 15 and thought you might enjoy a pictorial passport to a varied, energetic and engaged day of research presentations and audience participation.
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The prize for one liners that stuck goes to the Conservation Panel:
“Remember that after cleaning silver, we now have less of it than we had before!…from a conservation perspective we would say, leave the thing alone…” (Evelyn Thompson, Conservator, Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) and Past President, ASJ)
“Toothbrushes are very common – not just for brushing teeth but for cleaning our artifacts!” (Colleen Natty, Conservator, National Museum Jamaica)
“Conservation ethics requires saying what you can’t do as well as what you can.” (Joelle Salkey, Conservator, National Gallery of Jamaica and Board Member, ASJ)


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