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UWI Carnival: Jammin from Home

UWI Carnival: Jammin from Home

All hopes of Jammin on the Ring Road went through the window when Covid-19 graced the world with its unpleasant presence.  Instilling fear and concern, we have all scampered to safety and the government shutting down public activities to hamper the spread of the virus. Since prevention (social distancing) betta dan cure, nuh Carnival cyah keep [Since prevention is better than cure Carnival cannot take place].
Does this mean that all opportunities for jammin has been lost? Of course not!
The UWI Museum is giving you the opportunity to jam with us from the comfort of your home by taking a walk down memory lane as you bounce to the beat of “Ring Road Jam” by Fab 5. This vibrant Jamaican Calypso narrates the arrival of Carnival in Jamaica through the University of the West Indies and Jamaicans response to culture.

As you jam to the beat and listen to the lyrics of the song you may be interested in learning a bit more about UWI Carnival so we have pulled from our archives an article detailing the History of UWI Carnival and a video with Simone Augier’s recollection of early UWI Carnival. See the links below.
This article is the first section of a two-part feature on UWI Carnival, the second part will be posted next week. Until then stay safe and keep jammin!


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