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December 7, 2018

UWI launches Windrush Fund

Jamaica National (UK) and Dr Earl O'Brien first to donate to the fund



The University of the West Indies/UK Partner Universities



Jamaica National (UK) and Dr Earl O'Brien were the first to make  donations to the newly launched Windrush Scholarship Fund.  Sir Hilary Beckles launched the Windrush Scholarship Fund to assist students of the Caribbean diaspora resident in the UK.  Both donated £5000.00 to the fund


The Windrush generation in the United Kingdom and the University of the West Indies both share a 70th anniversary this year. Both represent  paths out of poverty for Caribbean peoples.  In recognition of the intertwined destiny of the UK and the Caribbean, the BFUWI was established some years ago.  It has always seen a substantial part of  its role as providing a link between academic work of The UWI and the needs of the diaspora community in the UK and has spent the last few years establishing educational and cultural connections with the community. It also seeks to raise funds for the University and it is hoped this event will be the launchpad for an educational fund which will contribute to its work here in London and also allow it to raise additional funds for students of UWI.  




  2. provide a unique opportunity for an outstanding UK born student (2nd or 3rd generation Caribbean) to be a part of The University of the West Indies community which offers an excellent academic, cultural and fun experience.



The University of the West Indies (UWI) has “exchange partnerships” with a number of universities in the UK, and the Scholarships will be opened to UK students from the Caribbean Diaspora, who successfully matriculated to study at one of these partner universities in the UK. 

The Scholarship will cover a study period of one semester in approved fields of study at UWI, beginning in academic year 2019, to cover expenses up to £5,000.  Donations, of £5,000 or more, by individuals and companies, may have scholarship(s) designated in their names.


The applicant must

  1. Be under 30 years of age
  2. Be a UK born student (2nd or 3rd generation Caribbean)
  3. Be a full time Undergraduate student at a partner university of UWI in the UK who demonstrates a good academic record  (minimum GPA 3.0)
  4. Student should have completed a year at their home university before spending a semester at UWI
  5. In order to ensure student completes all the requirements for graduation at the home institution, the scholarship should not be taken up in the final semester.
  6. Demonstrate Financial Need
  7. Demonstrate community involvement and leadership qualities



All applications shall be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. The UK university’s acceptance letter
  2. A one page essay on the Applicant’s educational goals
  3. 2 character reference letters
  4. A transcript from the UK university in case of Year 2 and 3 student awardee(s)
  5. Deadlines for applications will be advertised.



To achieve the Scholarship, the student (s) shall maintain:

a) At least a B average or a GPA of 3.0 average or any other stipulation that the donor may from time to time require

b) Full time and continuous attendance to classes

c) A Regular course load

d) Sustained good citizenship/ meet all other requirements of the UWI pertinent to student behavior, discipline and performance.


    1. The scholarship will be advertised on campus of all UWI partner universities in the UK and/ or any other University media (and by any other institution named e.g. The Voice).
    2. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by a panel, which may include personnel from UWI, the partner university and any other representative, as selected by a major donor.


  1. HOW TO APPLY            
    1. Submit the completed application form with all the other relevant documents to the Student Financing Office, at the respective Campus on/before the stipulated deadline.            
    2.  Depending on the availability of funds, the award will be made annually to at least one student.






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