Developing theory and methods for evaluating the impact of community food initiatives on NCD risk, social and economic wellbeing and the environment.

GA-CDRC Investigators:

T. Alafia Samuels, Ian R. Hambleton, Catherine Brown

Other UWI Investigators:

Neela Badrie, Dep't of Food Production, St Augustine Campus

External Investigators:

Nigel Unwin, Cambridge University (Principal Investigator); R. Nugent, Research Triangle; M. Wairiu and C Tukuitonga, University of The South Pacific; F. Kroll, University of Witwatersrand; Cornelia Guell, University of Exeter; John Hopkins University; Secretary of Pacific Community.

Funding Obtained:

GBP £427,192 over 2 years is the entire value of the grant, with approximately GBP 144,587.55 coming directly to the GA-CDRC from the Medical Research Council, UK 

Start Date:

March 2017

End Date:

February 2019



The aim of the project is to develop a theoretical framework and methods for evaluating the impact of community-based food initiatives (CFPIs) on risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs), social and economic wellbeing and the environment, in order to support the development of a multidisciplinary research programme in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (Fiji).



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