André Greenidge, BSc, PhD

Role: Research Assistant

André Greenidge graduated from the BSc programme at the UWI in 2001, joining the GA-CDRC as a research assistant in the Edmund Cohen Vascular Research laboratory in 2005. He first worked on developing a suite of genetic and molecular tests which may indicate a person’s predisposition for impaired wound resolution. Since then he has gone on to be the study coordinator of the Wound Healing Study (WHY study), investigating genetic and vascular risk factors in diabetic foot. Andre has also written a 14,000 word story, designed to inform public perceptions about HIV/AIDS. This story was adapted into a Stage Drama.

Research interests

André’s research has focused on the application of cutting edge diagnostic techniques in the surveillance of diabetes, and the earlier identification of risk factors for complications of the disease. Being able to add the unique laboratory perspective to the research collective, he has been involved in all the major diabetes themed studies of the GA_CDRC in the past 8 years: as Study coordinator of the Wound Healing Study in Diabetes (WHY study), as co-investigator of the Barbados Diabetes Reversal Study, and as laboratory coordinator to the Health Of The Nation (HOTN) Study and the Hyperglycaemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Follow Up Study (HAPO FUS).

His current research theme is focused on investigating the utility of kidney injury and inflammation biomarkers as sentinels for other complications of diabetes, such as diabetic foot.

Selected publications

  • Greenidge AR, Hall KR, Hambleton IR, Thomas R, Monroe DM, Landis RC. (2013) “Plasmin Activation of Glial Cells through Protease-Activated Receptor 1.” Patholog Res Int. 2013:314709. doi: 10.1155/2013/314709.
  • Harrison DK, Greenidge AR, Landis RC (2011). “Skin SO2 Measurement using Visible Lightguide Spectrophotometry in a Black Population: A Feasibility Study.” Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 915:277-82
  • Quimby KR, Greenidge AR, Hennis AJ, Harrison DK, Landis RC. (2010) “Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated periodic syndrome P46L and bilateral amputation in diabetes.” Rheumatology (Oxford,England) 49(12):2454-5.
  • Bowers AS, Reid HL, Greenidge AR, Landis RC, Reid M. (2013) Blood Viscosity and the Expression of Inflammatory and Adhesion Markers in Homozygous Sickle Cell Disease Subjects with Chronic Leg Ulcers. PLoS ONE 8(7): e68929. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0068929
  • Quimby KR, Greenidge AR, Harris A, Landis RC. (2010) “Phenotypic commitment of monocytes towards a protective haemoglobin scavenging phenotype (CD14pos CD163high HLA-DRlow) following cardiopulmonary bypass.” Cytometry Part B, Clinical Cytometry 78(5):357-60
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