Data Protection @ UWI

The UWI, like other leading institutions, must properly protect the Data it collects from all sources and especially the Personal Data of its staff, students and alumni. The UWI Data Protection Policy (DPP) outlines the ways in which the University manages Personal data at various stages, including the rights of the person to whom the data relates, to access this data.

Data Privacy Definitions

Data plays an extremely important role in our everyday life, especially now, in what is described as the digital age.  Data Privacy is a fairly broad concept which refers to the conditions that enable the foundation of human dignity and autonomy. 

Data Protection Definition

Data Protection is defined as the means by which the privacy rights of individuals are safeguarded in relation to the processing of their Personal Data including the sharing of Personal Data held by The UWI.


Privacy Statement

The UWI endeavours to protect and respect the privacy rights of individuals


Policy & Statements

UWI endeavours to comply with Data Protection legislation and policies

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Data Breach Management

There are three steps to managing a Data breach:

    Collection Of Incident Details
    Notification of Data Breach and Risk Assessment
    Evaluation and Response