Congratulations to Dr. Natalie Deitrich-Jones and Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard

Congratulations to Dr. Natalie Deitrich-Jones and Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard for their respective chapters in the book "Handbook of Governance in Small States" edited by Lino Briguglio, Jessica Byron, Stefano Moncada and Wouter Veenendaal published by Routledge.

Book Description
This volume covers a wide spectrum of governance issues relating to small states in a global context. While different definitions of governance are given in the chapters, most authors associate governance with the setting and implementation of policies aimed at managing a country or territory, and with the related institutional structures and interventions by political actors. Generally, good governance is associated with concepts such as policy effectiveness, accountability, transparency, control of corruption, encouragement of citizens’ voice and gender equality—factors which are, in turn, linked with democracy. What emerges from the book is that the societies of small states are being re-shaped by various forces outside their control, including the globalization process and climate change, rendering their governance ever more complex. These problems are not solely faced by small states, but small country size tends to lead to a higher degree of exposure to external factors.

The chapters are grouped into four sections broadly covering political, environmental, social and economic governance. Governance is influenced by many, often intertwined, factors; the division of the book into four parts therefore does not detract from the fact that governance is multifaceted, and such division was based on the primary focus of each particular study and its main disciplinary background. The expert authors have, moreover, used a variety of approaches in the studies, the subject of small states being well suited to scholarly work from different disciplines using qualitative, quantitative and mixed approaches to arrive at useful conclusions.


Against the tide? A socio-legal review of Caribbean SIDS’ (non)-compliance with international agreements on migrants and refugees and the protection of vulnerable migrants 

  • Natalie Dietrich Jones

Social governance in the Eastern Caribbean small island states

  • Godfrey St Bernard and Lino Briguglio

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