Office of the University CIO

ICT Governance structure launched

Apr 22, 2015
The roll out of ICT governance across the university was a major achievement. The University ICT Steering Committee convened three meetings (October, January and May) and reported to University F&GPC representing the integration in the formal University Governance Structure. At all campuses, the ICT governance structure was rolled out with the establishment of Campus ICT Steering Committees, faculty, administration and academic support advisory groups. The summary of University ICT Steering Committee meetingsĀ haveĀ been shared with Campus ICT Steering Committees and vice versa.

The current financial situation at all campuses was such that the various Campus IT departments were having significant problems delivering basic essential IT services. ICT is a critical enabler of the strategic plan and will have to be adequately staffed and resourced. The business impact at each campus was brought to the attention of the ICT Steering Committees in October 2013 and all campuses were conducting an IT Spend and benchmark study with assistance from Info-Tech Research Group. The study is expected to give an accurate representation of the non-staff funds currently used to provide existing IT services.