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Public health surveillance is a key strategy in the fight against any disease [as is] a high index of suspicion by health care providers…It is important that we follow the course of this disease [Zika] in the Caribbean …We must provide the best epidemiological data in order for countries to keep abreast of the best practices in addressing the clinical manifestations ...

Dr. Joy St. John, Director of Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control, CARPHA

UWI Task Force on Zika tracks Guillain-Barré  syndrome in the Caribbean



What should you know about Zika virus Testing?

  • CARPHA has developed the capacity for ZIKV testing and is receiving samples from across the region.
  • Presently, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing is the only reliable test for the Zika virus.
  • Sample testing is limited to those collected within the first 3 days of the illness.
  • Laboratory confirmation of Zika is specifically geared toward providing updates on the spread of the virus and is not aimed at identifying every single occurrence in a country.
  • Particular attention should be paid in the follow-up with pregnant patients who present febrile illness compatible with Zika and their off spring.


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