Editorial Board


Kim Robinson-Walcott




Rupert Lewis

  • Rupert Lewis, Professor of Political Thought, and Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, UWI, Mona (Chairman)

Sir Roy Augier

  • Sir Roy Augier, Professor Emeritus, History, UWI, Mona

David Barker

  • David Barker, Professor of Geography, and Head, Department of Geography and Geology, UWI, Mona

Ann Marie Bissessar

  • Ann Marie Bissessar, Professor of Public Management, and Head, Department of Behavioural Sciences, UWI, St Augustine

Bridget Brereton

  • Bridget Brereton, Emerita Professor of History, UWI, St Augustine
  • Michael Bucknor

    • Michael Bucknor, Lecturer, Department of Literatures in English, UWI, Mona

    Gracelyn Cassell

    • Gracelyn Cassell, Head, University of the West Indies Open Campus, Montserrat

    Henry Fraser

    • Henry Fraser, Professor Emeritus, Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology, and Immediate Past Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI, Cave Hill 

    Clément Imbert

    • Clément Imbert, Professor of Materials Technology and Manufacturing Processes, and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Engineering, UWI, St Augustine

    Barbara Lalla

    • Barbara Lalla, Professor of Language and Literature (retired), Faculty of Arts and Education, UWI, St Augustine

    Evelyn O’Callaghan

    • Evelyn O’Callaghan, Professor of West Indian Literature, UWI, Cave Hill

    Verene A. Shepherd

    • Verene A. Shepherd, Professor of Social History, and University Director, Institute for Gender & Development Studies, UWI

    David C. Smith

    • David C. Smith, Coordinator, Institute for Sustainable Development, UWI, and Coordinator, University Consortium for Small Island States

    Linda E. Speth

    • Linda E. Speth, General Manager, University of the West Indies Press