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We Are The West Indies
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Education a central element of the 21st Century 'Emancipation Movement' of a proud Caribbean people.

We Are The West Indies
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A home of innovation, creativity, effectiveness and all that is great about the West Indies.

We Are The West Indies
The University of the West Indies

UWI has received the ... award for ... excellence.

We Are The West Indies
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Your patronage lends luster to our efforts!

We Are The University of the West Indies
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We provide education that

transforms minds , grows potential
and makes people's lives better. Building talent and driving aspiration with powerful ideas.

We're Global
From the Caribbean to the World

Donate to the globalization of the UWI, to the expansion of the University’s international footprint via partnerships with institutions of higher learning in the USA, Europe and Latin America.

We're Developers
Constructing a Bright Future

A donation to the UWI strengthens its capacity to drive regional development through research and innovation.

We're Versatile
Sports, Arts and so Much More

Donate to build and improve sporting and other facilities across the UWI and to enhance the UWIs international reputation in sporting and performance excellence.

We're Passionate
Students are Our Priority

Donate towards the goal of a UWI graduate in every household in the Caribbean in the first half of the 21st Century.

UWI Global Giving Campaign
August - December


As the future funding of The University of The West Indies is uncertain because of regional and global challenges, it is seeking other sources of funding to diversify its revenue portfolio.


The UWI Global Giving Campaign seeks to stimulate and foster a culture of interaction and philanthropy amongst Alumni, Friends of the UWI, other individuals and organizations, and to solicit direct contributions.

$ Target ($7m)


Alumni & Friend Interactions


Support the UWI by Crowdfunding

You can support UWI causes and initiatives close to your heart by creating a personal campaign page. In a few easy steps, you can create a personalized fundraising page to share with your family and friends.

Whether you’re raising funds as part of a UWI event or you want to fund-raise for a UWI cause to mark an occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, our online page builder makes it easy. Want to raise funds with others as a team? You can do that, too.


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