Dr. Barbara Carby heads UWI Disaster Risk Reduction Centre 

Kingston, April 26, 2010: Caribbean disaster management expert Dr. Barbara Carby, C.D.,O.N.M. is the Director of the new Disaster Risk Reduction Centre (DRRC) of the University of the West Indies (UWI).  She succeeds retiring Director, Prof. Trevor Jackson.

Dr. Carby

The DRRC, launched in July 2006, mobilizes the UWI’s multidisciplinary training, research and technical expertise to enhance disaster management and mitigation the Caribbean.  It complements the work of other regional institutions like the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) – the umbrella organization comprising 16 national disaster organisations in the region.

The Centre provides technical and advisory consultancy services to mitigate the risks of disasters and mobilizes human resource capacity within the university to provide assistance both before and after disasters.

Dr. Carby, a former Director General of Jamaica’s Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management (ODPEM), is credited with placing risk reduction on the national agenda and pioneering development of a national mitigation policy. She also expanded the hazard mapping programme and fostered the use of hazard maps by Parish Councils in their development planning.

She served most recently as the first Director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands, where she established a full-time national office for disaster risk management and developed a national strategic framework for disaster risk reduction which will guide their national programmes.

Dr. Carby has worked on several disaster management programmes regionally, and has also served in a voluntary capacity on the United Nations Scientific & Technical Committee for the Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction and as a member of the Advisory Board for the UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

As Director of the DRRC, Dr. Carby’s focus will be on risk management with an emphasis on risk reduction which she regards as a critical component of any effort to achieve sustainable development for the region. 



Mr. Jeremy Collymore: Coordinator CDERA, Strategic Advisor (Stakeholder Relationships)
Mr. Franklin McDonald: Coordinator, ISD, UWI Technical Advisor (Risk Reduction and Disaster Preparedness)
Dr. Jacob Opadeyi: Department of Surveying & Land Information, UWI, Technical Advisor (Knowledge Integration and Management)




Dr Richard Robertson (Volcanology & Seismology)
Dr. Karen Ring, Cave Hill (Social Work)
Dr. Karlene Boyce-Reid, Mona (Psycho-Social)
Prof. Denise Eldemire-Shearer, Mona (Emergency Care)
Prof. John Cooper, St. Augustine (Disease Control)
Dr. Letnie Rock, Cave Hill (Education)
Dr. Philip Osei, Mona (Human Development)
Dr. Gregory Gouveia, St. Augustine (Food Production)
Dr. Janice Cumberbatch, Cave Hill (Tourism)
Prof. Robin Mahon, Cave Hill (Fisheries)
Dr. Joseph Seepersaud, St. Augustine (Forestry)
Prof. Edward Robinson, Mona (Coastal Zone)
Prof. Hazel Oxenford, Cave Hill (Marine and Coastal)
Dr. Leonard Nurse, Cave Hill (Climate Change)
Prof. Marc Lavoie, Cave Hill (Water Quality)
Prof. Chin Tana Palli Venkobachar, St. Augustine (Air Quality)
Dr. Richard Clarke, St. Augustine (Buildings and Infrastructure)
Dr. G. Shrivastava, St. Augustine (Water Supply and Sewerage)
Mr. Raymond Charles, St. Augustine (Roads and Drainage)
Dr. Marlene Atzzs, St. Augustine (Economic Planning)
Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee Jr., Mona (Geoinformatics)