About Us


"OneUWI IT team advocating digital transformation to enable an agile global UWI."


  • Coordinate and mobilize campus ICT teams into a cohesive University Team to Enable University Mission through innovative technology, and
  • Provide secure, reliable and integrated ICT solutions for Vice Chancellery departments
  • Enable digital transformation across the UWI

Goals & Objectives

  1. Leadership - Coordinate ICT initiatives across the university.
  2. Innovative Technology - Enhance the capabilities of end users to achieve a high level of satisfaction through the delivery of ICT products and services.
  3. Service Delivery - Provide efficient and effective ICT services to stakeholders.
  4. People & Culture - Develop and retain a dedicated and highly talented IT workforce, to guarantee the success of the department and institutional goals. Develop a culture of excellent work ethics and attitude.
  5. Process - Establish an on-going business process model to increase efficiency, quality, reduce cost and foster agility.

Core Values

Core values of the team are an integral part of our strategy, setting out the principles of how we work together.
They are enduring and defined as:

Customer Focus

The University ICT team will facilitate the use of technology primarily where it is requested, or needed by our customers. This is our single most important value. Working with our partners, we will also anticipate, plan, and promote the use of relevant technologies, even when there is not an obvious immediate demand. The key is that we will be flexible and know that we are an important part of the campus community.

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The team will be responsible in our efforts to ensure that
The UWI's mission, purpose and values are uttermost in our activities.

 Efficiency and Responsiveness
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The team will strive to be known for rapid results, delivered in a cost effective, reliable and customer-oriented manner. We value the continuous learning of relevant skills, and we measure the quality of our work.

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The team values both personal integrity and the integrity of our IT goals, architectures, priorities, customers and vendor relationships.