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The USCAHDR Cooperative Agreement was awarded to the Sullivan Alliance to Transform the Health Professions by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD),  with Professor Louis W. Sullivan as the Principal Investigator (PI). The USCAHDR consortium includes the University of the West Indies (UWI), Sullivan Alliance (SA) to Transform the Health Professions and the National Health Museum (NHM). There are two UWI Caribbean sites lead by UWI Vice Chancellor Professor E.  Nigel Harris. The UWI - Barbados Team Leader is Professor Anselm Hennis.  The UWI-Jamaica Team Leader is Professor Rainford Wilks.

The goals of the five-year Cooperative Agreement are to:

  • Conduct research on health disparities in Afro-Caribbean and African American populations
  • Develop an E-Platform to transfer knowledge generated by the USACAHDR and 
  • Provide collaborative opportunities for future health disparities research.


The mission of the USCAHDR consortium is to conduct research that lessens existing health disparities research knowledge gaps and to build effective partnerships that improve global health research and build research capacity with global partners. 


    • To conduct epidemiological research to ascertain similarities and differences among English speaking US and Caribbean populations of African descent.
    • To explore how this research knowledge advances current understanding of the relationships among health determinants - history-ancestry, health practices, life styles - and health disparities in the US and the Caribbean.

Specific Aims

  • To build a  synergistic, public-private consortium with the  Sullivan Alliance (SA), University of the West Indies, and the National Health Museum to conduct research on the role of social determinants - ancestry, language, indigenous health practices, lifestyles and socioeconomic status -  in determining health status and health outcomes among Caribbean and US populations.
  • To enhance the development of US-Caribbean researchers/scientists (epidemiologists, educators, biostatisticians, health professionals) and add-value to research capacities at the SA and the UWI.