Health Informatics (Biobank, Routine Data Management, Data Curation)

This programme highlights the critical role that biorepositories and data systems play in supporting and developing a range of research projects taking place throughout CAIHR. This subtheme focuses on infrastructure needs and systems to collect, collate, process and disseminate information (including biodata) obtained from our research. The development of this resource is critical to CAIHR’s engagement at an international level with researchers and other stakeholders. Collectively, findings from these heath informatics-based approaches promise to improve efficiency and help us elucidate causal pathways, evaluate systems, generate new diagnostic and prognostic tests, and develop novel treatments.

Projects under this programme

  • Establishing and developing a CAIHR-based Biorepository. Investigators: Kwesi Marshall, Simon Anderson, Camille Ragin, Marshall Tulloch-Reid, Marvin Reid
  • Prediction tools for sickle cell disease pain based on psychological, social, environmental and biological factors in low-resource settings. Investigators: Zachary Ramsay, Jennifer Knight-Madden, Gunjan Mansingh, Madhuvanti Murphy, J Kennedy Cruickshank*, Kate Gardner, Frédéric B. Piel, Marshall Tulloch-Reid, David Rees, Monika Asnani
  • The International Registry in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer (IRONMAN). Investigators: Simon Anderson, André Greenidge, Natasha Sobers, Desiree Skeete, Natalie Greaves, Eden Augustus, Christopher Nicholls, Radkanath Shenoy, Barlow Lynch, Jerry Emtage, Camille Ragin*, Shannon Lynch*, Daniel Geynisman*
  • Cave Hill Sherlock Lung Study: Tracing Lung Cancer Mutational Processes in Never Smokers. Investigators: Simon Anderson, André Greenidge, Eden Augustus, Desiree Skeete, Alan Smith, Dawn Alleyne
  • Curating CAIHR Data - Phase I: Commencement of (Centralised) Data Preservation for CAIHR-Mona. Investigators: Novie Younger-Coleman, Christina Howitt, Trevor Ferguson, Jennifer Knight-Madden, Shelly McFarlane, Joette McKenzie, Debbie Thompson, Janeil Williams, Ian Hambleton
  • Developing a Research Data Handling Infrastructure at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus. Investigators: Ian Hambleton