The Disaster Risk Reduction Centre

DRRC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)


The TAC is responsible for providing technical oversight of the programme of the DRRC. Specifically, the TAC:

  • Reviews programmes drafted by the DRRC and make recommendations for their enhancement.
  • Receives the programming and budget for the DRRC and recommends to Board, with endorsement as appropriate.
  • Proposes policies and strategies for the advancement of disaster teaching and research within the University for the consideration of Council.
  • Reviews proposals for new programmes and advise on their adequacy, relevance, complementary and sustainability.
  • Develops and recommends to the Board mechanisms for quality control and performance monitoring for the DRRC.
  • Submits reports of their meetings to the DRRC Advisory Board


TAC membership 

Regional Institutions

  1. Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions
  2. Caribbean Development Bank
  3. Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency Coordinating Unit

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

  1. University of Guyana, Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  2. University of Technology, Faculty of the Built Environment
  3. UWI Department of Geography and Geology, Mona Campus
  4. UWI Open Campus Digital Learning Innovation
  5. UWI Open Campus Academic Programming and Delivery

Technical Working Groups (TWG) and Thematic Units

  1. Communications for Community Resilience TWG
  2. Data for Risk-informed Resilience Building TWG
  3. Training and Capacity Development for DRM and Resilience TWG
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation TWG
  5. Disaster Unit