Phase 2: Conversion of Cumulative GPA - January 2015

The second phase of this transition process is the conversion of the cumulative GPA which will take place at the end of semester I of the 2014/2015 academic year, when grades for the term are officially declared. In this phase, the cumulative GPA from courses taken prior to 2014/2015 and that are applicable to a student's current programme of study will be converted to be on par with the 2014/2015 grading Policy. Using a formulae, this converted cumulative GPA will then be combined, with the cumulative GPA under the 2014/2015 grading policy, to obtain the new cumulative GPA for the term. This process is repeated for each successive term under the 2014/2015 policy, until the student graduates or withdraws from the institution.

To compute the combined cumulative GPA, the cumulative totals under the two grading polices must be demarcated. Therefore, beginning in academic year 2014/2015, the cumulative totals under both grading policies will be tracked separately. Cumulative totals under the previous grading policy will conclude at the end of the Summer Session of the 2013/2014 academic year, and those under the 2014/2015 policy will begin from the term in which a student is first graded under the new policy. For each term under the new policy, the conversion formulae are applied to merge the cumulative values in order to obtain the combined cumulative GPA for the term.

The Basic Formulae 1, as illustrated in Phase 1, is also used to convert the cumulative GPA obtained under the previous grading policy. A second formulae (Basic Formulae 2), is then applied to calculate the combined GPA values by merging the GPA values obtained under the two grading policies. The mathematical equation for Basic Formulae 2 is as follows:

(Previous GPA Hours X Converted Previous GPA ) + (2014/2015 GPA Hours X 2014/2015 GPA) Previous GPA Hours + 2014/2015 GPA Hours

Example Illustration:

2014/2015 Semester 1
Term Totals
Attempt Hours Passed Hours Earned Hours GPA Hours Quality Points 2014/2015 GPA Previous GPA Converted GPA Hours Combined Cumulative GPA
Current Term 19.0000 11.0000 11.0000 19.0000 35.8000 1.8842
2014/2015 Cumulative 19.0000 11.0000 11.0000 19.0000 35.8000 1.8842
Previous Cumulative 66.0000 33.0000 33.0000 50.0000 63.8000 1.2760 2.1366
Combined Cumulative 85.0000 44.0000 44.0000 69.0000 99.6000 1.8842 2.1366 2.0670

Step 1: The Previous GPA Cumulative of 1.2760 falls within the Pass band, therefore the Basic Formula 1 associated with that band is used to convert the GPA value:

Previous GPA Cumulative = ((49 x 1.2760) +149) / 99 = 2.1366

Step 2: Basic Formula 2 is used to calculate the combined cumulative GPA value:

Combined Cumulative = ((50.0000 x 2.1366) + (19.0000 x 1.8842)) / (50.0000 + 19.0000) = 142.6298 / 69.0000 = 2.0670

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