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General Information

1.  Requirements for admission to UWI's PhD programmes?

Admission of applicants to PhD programmes without prior registration for the MPhil must be approved by the Board for Graduate Studies and Research....Please see Regulations for Graduate Diplomas and Degrees 1: 7-8 for additional requirements.

2. Minimum requirements for admission to UWI's MPhil programmes?

The minimum requirement for the admissions to MPhil programmes shall be an Upper Second Class Honours degree or its equivalent, unless the Campus Committee in any particular case otherwise decides.....Regulations for Graduate Diplomas and Degrees: Section 1: 6

3. Minimum requirements for admission to a UWI's Diploma or taught Master’s programmes?

The minimum requirement for admission to graduate diploma and taught Master’s degree programme shall a Lower second Class Honours degree or its equivalent, unless the Campus committee, in any particular case otherwise decides...Regulations for Graduate Diplomas and Degrees: Section 1: 5

4. Proper Protocol for Communication within Graduate Studies and Research?

If the student has a complaint or a request, these are the proper channels on how to do so within the Graduate Studies and Research.

Student refers complaint or request to the Senior Assistant Registrar of the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. 

If the student has received no response or is dissatisfied with the response the student can formally write to the Director, Graduate Studies and Research. (If the student is registered at the Five Islands Campus, please send the request to the Director of Academic Affairs).

If the student has not received a response or is dissatisfied with the outcome of the response the student can formally write to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Graduate Studies and Research) of the School for Graduate Studies and Research.
Please note that each campus has an Office of Graduate Studies and Research with the exception to the Open Campus and Five Islands Campus.

5.  Research ethics

Supervisors are responsible for informing the student of his or her obligations in respect of the ethical conduct of research, and for taking the measures necessary to ensure that the student’s research is conducted within the established ethical policies and guidelines. 

Supervisors are also responsible for ensuring that, where required, student researchers obtain the necessary approvals prior to the start of their research project.  The Chief Supervisor is responsible for co-signing the submission documents that may be necessary for ethical review of the student’s research.

6. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the representation of another person’s work and creative expressions as your own original work, and is considered to be misconduct meriting disciplinary penalties up to and including permanent exclusion from the University depending on the egregiousness of the offence. Researchers should avoid representing the published or unpublished work of another person as their own or assisting anyone else in doing so. The use of work done by other persons must be clearly, appropriately and adequately acknowledged, using the accepted conventions of the University.

Even when a source is cited, if the words of the author are presented verbatim, or nearly so, in a way that would lead the reader to conclude that these are the creative expressions of the writer, and not of the original author, this comprises plagiarism.

Upon demonstration that a researcher has misappropriated another person’s work and represented it as his or her own, the researcher may present evidence to rebut the allegation of plagiarism. Procedures for dealing with the allegation of plagiarism by graduate students are provided in the University of the West Indies Policy on Graduate Student Plagiarism.

7. How to check for plagiarism?

Now, the University gives you this opportunity to check your course paper/research project/thesis/dissertation.  For more details please visit our page on Turnitin access.

8. Retaining of data

All original data must be retained in paper or electronic format for at least five years from the date of publication.

9.  Multi-authored articles

… when a multi-authored article is based primarily on a student’s research, the student should be granted priority prominence on the list of co-authors, according to the practice in the discipline.

10. Submission of manuscripts

(a) The author who submits a manuscript for publication accepts the responsibility of including as co-authors all persons who are entitled to co-authorship, and none who are inappropriate.

(b) The submitting author should send to each co-author a draft copy of the manuscript and should make every reasonable attempt to obtain consent to co-authorship, including the order of authorship.