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We have created a Postgraduate account on the website that will allow you to check your research paper/project/thesis/dissertation. You would need to use the credentials that were sent to you via campus messaging service (i.e. via your email). If you did not receive this information, please contact us at the School for Graduate Studies & Research.

Here are some instructions for creating a new student account:

  1. Please visit Turnitin’s website (i.e., then click on create account,
  2. Under New Students Start Here click on create a user profile (this is in bullet item # 2)
  3. Below Have You Ever Used Turnitin? scroll down until you see Create A New Account and click on student. (Please note the credentials will not work in any other instance).
  4. Under Create A New Student Account, please insert the credentials (i.e. class ID and enrollment password), complete the rest of the form and follow the instructions. 

Click here to access a Feedback Studio Student and the Student Quick Start Guide on how to sign up on the website.

You will be able to see your originality report (i.e. the system’s report on your submitted research paper/project/thesis/dissertation) by clicking on the 'show details' link in the portfolio after making a submission.

Please note that you can re-submit your paper to the postgraduate account at Turnitin as many times as necessary.

We hope this will guide you as to the status of your research paper/project/ thesis/dissertation with respect to plagiarism and insist that you use this medium to check your work before submitting it to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

We have created some FAQs for your perusal to assist with queries relating to this resource tool.

Should you require further assistance using the Turnitin application you may make your direct queries via Turnitin's Support Center