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Economic Valuation of Protected Areas in Jamaica (Natural Resources Valuation Project)

The Economic Valuation of Protected Areas project was designed to enhance the capacity of Jamaica to realize and document the value of its natural resources, especially those in Protected Areas. Economic valuation puts a price on ecosystem goods and services and hence reveals clearly the trade-offs that have to be made.

The Purpose of this contract was to employ the services of a Consultant for the Economic Valuation of Protected Areas. A national-level assessment of the contributions of three (3) protected areas (Dolphin Head Forest Reserve, Black River Morass and the Montego Bay Marine Park to Jamaica’s economy and culture was done.

December, 2009 to April, 2010
Funding Agencies: 
The National Environment & Planning Agency (Nepa), Jamaica & The University of The West Indies In Collaboration with The University Of Waikato, New Zealand
Project Funding: 
Principal Investigator(s): 
Mr. Maurice Mason