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The Institute for Sustainable Development

Mr. Maurice Mason

Mr. Maurice Mason is the Environmental Economist at the Institute for Sustainable Development.  He holds a BSc and MSc in Economics from the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona and an MSc in Environmental Economics from the University of York in England.  Mr. Mason began his tenure at the University of the West Indies as a Project Officer at the Institute for Sustainable Development, focusing on project management, development and evaluation; Disaster Socio-Economic Impact Analysis/Simulation; Environmental Impact Assessments; Feasibility Studies; Cost Benefit Analysis; Country Risk Analysis – Macroeconomic and Environmental Policy Analysis and Pricing Analysis.

Mr. Mason has combined economic analysis and project management skills in the conceptualization, development and implementation of projects valued in excess of one million US dollars (US$1, 000,000.00) across the Caribbean over the past ten years. In 2009, Mr. Mason developed and submitted proposals for funding, which positioned the UWI to be awarded three contracts with a combined value in excess of one hundred thousand US dollars (US$ 100,000) to undertake research in natural resource valuation.

As an Environmental Economist, Mr. Mason has used environmental economic modelling techniques (econometric, computable general equilibrium and input output models) to: Simulate the economic cost of natural disasters to Small Island States and estimated aggregate and sectoral pollution and energy demand per dollar of GDP. He also has many years of experience in applying policy appraisal techniques (cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, regulatory impact assessment) to the management and evaluation/appraisal of energy and environmental projects.

His research interests include Computable General Equilibrium Modeling; Input Output / Sectoral Analysis; Choice Theory and Environmental Valuation and Energy Demand Modeling