Jamaica Adult Literacy Survey



1. Title of Study

Jamaica Adult Literacy Survey

2. Local Archive(s) Where Study is Stored

a) Derek Gordon Databank, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, UWI, Jamaica

b) Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN)

3. Number of studies (data sets) Two, 1994 , 1999
4. Depositor Cross-sectional in 1994 and 1999
5. Date (s) of deposit 2001
6. Principal Investigator(s) JAMAL
7. Data collector Statistical Institute of Jamaica
8. Funding Agency Government of Jamaica
1. Research Topic (Abstract) Level of literacy and numeracy in Jamaica

2. Subject Categories (main topics)

Description of Records

  • 1994
  • 1999
The levels different categories of literacy and numeracy and the relationship with various socio-economic and demographic factors.
3. Kind of Data Survey
4. Time Dimensions Cross-sectional in 1994 and 1999
5. Definition of Total Universe (Universe Sampled) Persons 15 years and older
6. Sampling Procedure Two-staged stratified random sample.
7. Number of Units (Cases)

1994 -11,975 individuals

1999 -23,362 individuals

8. Dates of Data Collection  
9. Method of Data Collection Interviewing with testing
10. Actions to Minimise Losses Repeat visits to household
ACCESSIBILITY A copy of the User Undertaking Form must be signed before data may be accessed from the DATABANK.
PUBLICATIONS Main document - Jamaica Adult Literacy Survey, JAMAL
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