Documentation & Data Centre

Norman Girvan Documentation Centre

The Norman Girvan Documentation Centre(NGDC) is the information core of the Institute. It is a specialised information centre whose main objective is to provide documentation and data facilities for researchers and practitioners in development-oriented Activities and to improve the capabilities for solving Caribbean development problems.


The NGDC was established as a support service for research and teaching. As the emphasis at SALISES shifted over the years from basic applied research, and more recently, to policy studies, there has been a corresponding shift in demand from secondary to primary data.


Bibiliographic databases maintained by the NGDC include the stock of the:

  • ISER and the Consortium Graduate School
  • Mona Institute of Business
  • Human Resource Development Programme and the Social Work Programme.
  • At present, four WinTerms and one PC are used for public access to the online catalogues with the PC being a dedicated Internet and WorldWideWeb access machine.


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