MSc. in Development Studies online programme

Techniques of Applied Social Statistical Analysis

This course is primarily geared toward enhancing students’ abilities to use and interpret statistical data in social research and decision-making contexts based upon their engagement with elementary and intermediate-level statistical techniques. Students will be exposed to elements of descriptive and inferential statistics in the context of questions and problems that emerge in applied social settings and policy-relevant studies.

Social Investment in Children


This course seeks to examine the critical social issues and social policy challenges in relation to children. The dimensions and causes of child vulnerability will be discussed within several theoretical frameworks. Current policies and programmes in developing countries to reduce vulnerability of children will be assessed. Cross-cutting issues in the course will be discussed using gender and stratification analyses.


The course objectives are to:

Understanding Contemporary Society and Development: Theories of the Present

This course will introduce students to the critical ferment and dissent that is present in theorizing and engaging with modern social change and development, drawing on literature that cuts across social spaces, geographies and history. It will provide students with an opportunity to develop and broaden their theoretical understanding of the ‘modern’ world, as well as, of the central problems debated within development studies; such as neo-liberalism and globalization, capitalism and inequality, social justice and freedom.