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Based on Wilkinson, Audine C. 1999. SIR ARTHUR LEWIS: A BIBLIOGRAPHICAL PORTRAIT . Library, Institute of Social and Economic Research University of the West Indies Cave Hill, Barbados (Updated Edition).


This Bibliography is intended as a tribute to the late Sir William Arthur Lewis, Nobel Laureate, a great Economist, a Visionary, an innovative Administrator, and a committed West Indian.

The Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus claims, by association, some of his distinguished successes. As Vice-Chancellor of the University from 1960 to 1963 he was instrumental in the creation of the Institute.

It is, therefore, fitting for us in the Institute to reflect upon his works which have not only been pioneering efforts in the field of economics, but have triggered off debates from the Right and the Left with equal respect for the profoundness of his thought, creativity and vision.

A. W



Born 23 January 1915
Place St. Lucia, B.W.I.
Married Gladys Jacobs, May 1947
Children Two daughters: Elizabeth Anne, Barbara Jean
Died 15 June 1991


B. Com. (Lond.) 1937
Ph. D. (Lond.) 1940

Academic Experience

1938-1948 Lecturer, London School of Economics
1948-1958 Stanley Jevons Professor of Political Economy, University of Manchester
1960-1962 Principal, University College of the West Indies (UCWI)
1962-1963 Vice-Chancellor, University of the West Indies (UWI)
1963-1982 James Madison Professor of Political Economy, Princeton University
1970-1973 Chancellor, University of Guyana
1974-1979 Visiting Professor of Economics, University of the West Indies, Barbados
1981-1983 James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Economics and International Affairs, Princeton University and since Emeritus

Other Experience

1943-1944 Principal, Board of Trade, then Colonial Office, U.K.
1945-1949 Member, Colonial Economic Advisory Council, U.K.
1949-1958 Member, Council of the Royal Economic Society
1950-1952 Director, Colonial Development Corporation, U.K.
1951-1952 Member, Departmental Committee on Fuel and Power, U.K.
1951 Member of United Nations Group of Experts on Countries
1953 Consultant to the Government of the Gold Coast, Africa
1955 Consultant to the Government of Western Nigeria, Africa
1956 President, Manchester Statistical Society
1957-1958 Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ghana
1958 President, Economic Society of Ghana
1959-1960 Deputy Managing Director, United Nations Special Fund
1961-1962 Director, Bank of Jamaica
1961-1962 Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of the West Indies Federation
1962-1963 Director, Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation
1966 Member, American Philosophical Society
1970-1973 President, Caribbean Development Bank
1978-1980 Expert Adviser to the Commission on Transnational Corporations
1980 Member of Group of Caribbean Experts to Prepare Strategy for the Caribbean Integration Movement during the 1980's
1982 Vice-President, American Economic Association
1983 President, American Economic Association


1959 Honorary Fellow, London School of Economics
1962 Honorary Foreign Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1963 Knight Bachelor
1969 Honorary Fellow of the Weitzmann Institute, Israel
1970 Distinguished Fellow of the American Economic Association
1977 Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy
1979 Nobel Prize in Economics (Jointly)
1987 Honorary Fellow, American Geographical Society

Academic Honours

1951 Manchester M.A. 1981 Hartford 
1954 Columbia L.H.D. 1981 York LL.D.
1972 Boston College L.H.D. 1982 Bard LL.D.
1980 Wooster L.H.D. 1984 Tuskegee LL.D.
1981 De Paul L.H.D. 1984 Harvard LL.D.
1982 Brandeis L.H.D. 1984 Howard LL.D.
1988 Princeton L.H.D. 1969 Brussels LL.D.
1960 Toronto LL.D. 1974 Open University Hon. D.
1960 Williams LL.D. 1966 West indies Hon. D.
1961 Wales LL.D. 1974 Lagos D.Litt.
1961 Bristol LL.D. 1979 Northwestern D.Litt.
1962 Dakar LL.D. 1973 Manchester D.Litt.
1964 Leicester LL.D. 1983 London D.Sc.
1965 Rutgers LL.D. 1983 Syracuse D.Sc (Econ)
1980 Atlanta LL.D. 1983 Maryland D.Sc