Institute of Sustainable Development

The Institute for Sustainable Development

ISD Degree Programmes

The Institute for Sustainable Development offers both taught and research based degree programmes for graduate students.


Through the Centre for Environmental Management (CEM), it offers MSc. degrees in Environmental Management and Disaster Risk Management, in collaboration with faculties at the UWI.

  • The M.Sc. in Disaster Risk Management is delivered in collaboration with the Disaster Risk Reduction Centre (DRRC). It provides training in disaster management incorporating various disciplines, focusing on the development of policy to address disaster risk management. The programme is currently undergoing review.

  • The M.Sc. in Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems is a merger of the Aquatic Sciences and Tropical Ecosystem Assessment and Management M.Sc. programmes, and is delivered in collaboration with the Department of Life Sciences. The programme investigates selected aspects of the biodiversity associated with Jamaican aquatic and terrestrial environments, with a greater emphasis on their management, conservation and sustainable use.

Persons interested in the Environmental Management Masters degree can contact  Dr  Vivienne Vassall, Coordinator of Programme at CEM:  or at Tel: (876) 702-4152

The Sustainable Development Policy Unit offers research degrees (MPhil and  PhD) in collaboration with The  UWI’s faculties, aimed at providing  a sound knowledge base to position the Caribbean region towards  mainstreaming Sustainable Development policies in its development agenda.

  • The MPhil and PhD programmes are channeled towards policies that promote Sustainable Development and are delivered in collaboration with relevant faculties. It also offers a Masters degree in Natural Resources Management (NRM), through the Centre for Environmental Management and the Disaster Risk Reduction Centre. This degree is offered in three M.Sc. Degree streams along with three Diploma streams - Integrated Urban and Rural Environmental Management (IUREM); Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems (MaTE).

  • The primary objective of the M.Sc. in Integrated Urban and Rural Environmental Management is to contribute to an integrated approach to environmental and natural resource management in the Caribbean region through professional training.

Persons interested in the MPhil or PhD programme can contact: Professor Anthony Clayton at  or call Tel: (876) 977-1659.