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As the premier Caribbean University, UWI boasts a robust academic schedule with 7 faculties, hundreds of programme offerings and four enrolment options.

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At UWI we take great pride in our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as our Certificate and Diploma programmes which are designed to meet the changing needs of the Caribbean in the global environment. While each of the four campuses offers a range of programmes accessible to registered students, UWI’s academic schedule also features a slate of summer programmers that are accessible to persons who meet the matriculation standards but may not be registered students as well as open lectures for the general public.


Explore the academic offerings at each our campuses; search for a programme instantly, visit faculty websites, download student handbooks and learn more about UWI’s acclaimed Caribbean Research Centres.

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Spend some time exploring academics at the Caribbean region's flagship tertiary institution. Visit the Faculties and Departments; Centres and Institutes and the various Research Units/Centres across The UWI's four campuses.


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