Cancer? Diabetes? Cardiovscular diseases?

The Life Project invites your participation in a study to identify the determinants of health.

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Overcoming the Burden of Disease

A symposium to interrogate the consequences of slavery on present-day health and well-being of peoples of the region and its diaspora.

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CAIHR Offers New Postgraduate Diploma in collaboration with UWI Open Campus

Since January 2020 CAIHR has been offering the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research and Epidemiology in collaboration with the UWI Open Campus.

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CAIHR Researchers share Parent Manual for playing with toddlers while at home

The Child Development Research Group at CAIHR has addressed the need for information and activities to support early learning through play during the Covid-19 pandemic with a new Parent Manual.

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GA-CDRC staff contribute evidence during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Caribbean

The University of the West Indies was asked by the Barbados Ministry of Health and Wellness to provide evidence to assist with the planning of a government response to the emerging COVID-19 outbreak.

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Our research themes

The primary role of CAIHR is the conduct of high quality research that can inform health policy, programmes and health care delivery for regional populations.

Early Life Exposures in Health and Development

This theme focuses on exposures that affect development, as well as on the effects of biological factors on growth.

Interventions, Evaluation and Implementation

With the rise of non-communicable chronic diseases, it is important to understand the determinants of health.

Biological Expression of Disease

The depth of research innovation is interrogated in order to understand how genetic factors influence sickness and disease.


A cadre of scientists. Primary healthcare clinics. Clinical nutritionists. Specialist trainers. CAIHR offers a range of services supported by dedicated professionals.


Academic Profiles

Meet your researchers: Dr Natasha Sobers continues her award winning ways, taking her place among the 2019 Bernard Lown Scholars in Cardiovascular Health. More

Public Engagement

CAIHR Encourages Social Responsibility: An inaugural CAIHR award was given to local fast-food chain Island Grill in recognition of its drive to to provide healthier cuisine. More