Nutritional Consultants

Individualized nutrition care when you need it most

  • Comprehensive Nutritional assessment
  • Measuring Body Composition
  • Measuring Energy Expenditure
  • Nutritional prescriptions

TMRU's world class team of physicians and nutritionists supported by a range of dedicated professionals are ready to guide you to a healthier you.

Who can benefit?

  • Persons with cancer
  • Persons with chronic infections such as HIV
  • Persons scheduled for a major operation
  • Persons needing Parenteral or Enteral Nutrition support
  • Children with failure to thrive
  • Persons with Obesity

Our Offerings

Comprehensive Nutritional assessment

  • Dietary intake assessment
  • Body composition assessment
  • Energy expenditure assessment
  • Clinical assessment
  • Laboratory assessment of Metabolic Function

Measuring Body Composition

The human body is composed of different types of tissues such as fat tissue, bone tissue, muscle tissue, and organ tissues. Diseases differentially affect these tissues resulting in alteration in their ratios in the body. There is now convincing evidence that the proportion of these various tissues affect the response to treatment such as surgery and chemotherapy as well as the risk of complications and death. Measuring the various components of the body allow the nutrition team to individualize nutrition therapy to try and preserve body components. The DEXA scan measures body composition using x-rays and allows us to asses bone mass and density, fat mass and muscle mass.

Measuring Energy Expenditure

The measurement of energy expenditure is an important component of clinical nutritional assessment especially in persons who are ill. This is because illnesses may increase the metabolic rate by variable amounts making it difficult for physicians and nutritionists to predict the energy needs of clients. An accurate assessment of energy needs allows the nutrition team to design optimal nutrition support. Measurement of energy expenditure will be done using an indirect calorimeter.

Nutritional Prescriptions

We create individualized nutritional care plans to allow you to reach our agreed goals.

Our Track Record

The Tropical Metabolism Research Unit started in 1956 doing research in nutritional diseases in particular severe childhood malnutrition and is one of the oldest dedicated research units in the English Speaking Caribbean. The mission of the TMRU is to foster an understanding of human nutrition and metabolism as critical drivers for human adaptation in health and disease through research, education and clinical service.

Findings from research activities of the Unit have informed treatment for nutritional disorders and nutrition based programmes throughout the Caribbean and World. In fact, TMRU alumni occupy influential positions in Academia, Policy Agencies such as Ministries of Health and Agencies of the World Health Organizations as well as nutritional societies.

Through research, teaching and extensive training, the TMRU staff has developed unique expertise in managing diverse medical nutritional problems. This has led to a gradual expansion of the TMRU Clinical Service offerings over the years to the benefit of patients.

Our Team

Dr. Carolyn Taylor-Bryan - Consultant Paediatrician