Population Health Outcomes and their Determinants

This programme includes studies that describe trends in diseases and health outcomes of Caribbean populations through periodic population-based surveys and efficient surveillance systems, providing a cost-effective means of monitoring trends in health that guide policy and resource allocation at the national and international levels. These data can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to improve management of these diseases and their risk factors. The cohort studies built on these systems help to identify risk factors for adverse health outcomes and determine the impact of specific factors on national health.

Projects under this programme

Featured Project

Extending a Caribbean Based Cohort to Promote US-Caribbean Comparisons to Facilitate Research Addressing Black Health Disparities - (Living in Full Health [LIFE]). Investigators: Camille Ragin (Fox Chase Cancer Center), Marshall Tulloch-Reid (UWI), Kimlin Ashing (City of Hope, California). Other Investigators (Alphabetical): Trevor Ferguson, Ishtar Govia, Ian Hambleton, Kwesi Marshall, Rainford Wilks, Novie Younger-Coleman.

Find out more: https://lifeprojectja.com.


Other Projects

  • Perspectives on Genetics Research and Cures for Sickle Cell Disease in Jamaica and Ghana. Investigators: Monika Asnani, Krystin Jones (Duke University), Charmaine Royal (Duke University)
  • Contribution of Sickle Disease to Maternal Mortality Risk in Jamaica: 1998-2007 & 2008-2017, Investigators: Affette McCaw Binns (UWI), Dr L Campbell,(VJH) Dr A Harris (MOHW), Ms L James MOHW), Monika Asnani
  • An Audit of the Outcomes of Acute Sickle Cell Pain after Discharge from the Sickle Cell Unit, Investigators: Zachary Ramsay, Gunjan Mansingh, Jennifer Knight-Madden, Monika Asnani
  • Patient and Parent Awareness, Perception and “Willingness to Participate in Phase 2 and 3 Clinical Trials involving Investigational Drugs. Investigators: Angela E Rankine-Mullings, Celia Christie, Jennifer Knight-Madden and Monika Asnani
  • Chronic Disease in Midlife with Sickle Cell Disease Investigators: Jennifer Knight-Madden, Doreen Brady-West, Georgie Cuscak, George Childs
  • Barbados National Registry for Non-Communicable Diseases (BNR) Investigators: Natasha Sobers (Principal Investigator), Simon Anderson, Shelly-Ann Forde, Ian R. Hambleton, Kim Quimby, Christina Howitt. Other UWI Investigators: Patsy Prussia, David Corbin, Kenneth George (Ministry of Health); Rudolph Delice (Queen Elizabeth Hospital)
  • Eastern Caribbean Health Outcomes Research Network (ECHORN) Cohort Studies Walkability, Physical Activity and Health: The story of Barbados. Investigators: Kern Rocke; Christina Howitt; Ian Hambleton
  • Assessing the Foodscape of a Small Island Developing State: The Case of Barbados Investigators: Stephanie Whiteman, Christina Howitt, Ian Hambleton
  • An assessment of walkability in the UN World Heritage site of Bridgetown and the Historic Garrison. Investigators: Christina Howitt, Kern Rocke, Catherine Brown, Madhuvanti Murphy, Ian R Hambleton
  • The Cohorts Consortium of Latin America and the Caribbean (CC-LAC) Investigators: Ian Hambleton, Goodarz Danaei (Harvard) M. Ezzati (Imperial College, London)
  • Developing Theory and Methods for Evaluating the Impact of Community Food Initiatives on NCD Risk, Social and Economic Wellbeing and the Environment. Short Title: Community Food and Health (CFaH) Investigators: Nigel Christopher Unwin (UWI, CAIHR and Univ of Cambridge) Ian Richard Hambleton (UWI, CAIHR), Thelma Alafia Samuels (UWI, CAIHR) Neela Badrie (UWI, Dept of Food Production, Faculty of Food and Agriculture, St Augustine) Cornelia Guell (Centre for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter) Sara Benjamin Neelon (MRC Epidemiology Unit and Centre for Diet and Activity Research, University of Cambridge) Nita Forouhi (MRC Epidemiology Unit and Centre for Diet and Activity Research, University of Cambridge)
  • NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD.RisC) A Global Research Collaboration Focused on Risk Factors for Non-communicable Diseases Investigators: CAIHR Contributors: Marshall Tulloch-Reid, Novie Younger, Trevor Ferguson, Christina Howitt, Ian Hambleton. Lead Investigator: Majid Ezzati, (Imperial College, London)
  • The Third Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Survey (JHLS-III). Principal Investigators: Professor Rainford Wilks, Novie Younger-Coleman Karen Webster-Kerr (Ministry of Health and Wellness - MOHW), Co-investigators: (UWI-CAIHR) Trevor Ferguson, Marshall Tulloch-Reid, Damian Francis, Nadia Bennett, Ishtar Govia, Shelly McFarlane (The Jamaica Ministry of Health and Wellness), Andrienne Grant, Tamu Davidson Daisylyn Chin, (UWI - Department of Community Health and Psychiatry, Mona) Colette Cunningham-Myrie
  • Metabolic and Nutritional Outcomes and Lived Experiences of Prostate Cancer Survivors in Jamaica: A Pilot study. Co-Principal investigators: Maria Jackson, William Aiken, Marshall Tulloch-Reid. Other Investigators (Alphabetical): Asha Badaloo, Donovan McGrowder, Leroy Harrison. Collaborators (Alphabetical): Simon Anderson, Nadia Bennett, Trevor Ferguson, Affette McCaw-Binns, Belinda Morrison, Richard Mayhew, Gareth Reid
  • Understanding Gender and Place-based Differences in Caribbean Health: Connecting Data and Researchers for Greater Understanding of Complex Health Inequalities. Principal Investigator: Karyn Morrissey (University of Exeter). Co-Investigators: Cornelia Guell, Federico Caprotti, (University of Exeter); Ishtar Govia, Madhuvanti Murphy (CAIHR, UWI), Henrice Altink (University of York)
  • Transdisciplinary Data Assemblages for a Socio-historical Understanding of the Formation of Caribbean Food Systems. Principal Investigator: Cornelia Guell. Co-Investigators: Karyn Morrissey, Ruth Thurstan (University of Exeter); Nigel Unwin (University of Cambridge), Henrice Altink (University of York); Ishtar Govia (CAIHR, UWI)
  • Jamaica Salt Consumption, Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice (Salt-KAP) Study Principal Investigator: Trevor Ferguson. Co-Investigators: Karen Webster-Kerr, Marshall Tulloch-Reid, Nadia Bennett, Tamu Davidson, Andriene Grant, Kelly-Ann Grant, Kelly-Ann Gordon-Johnson, Ishtar Govia, Suzanne Soares-Wynter, Novie Younger-Coleman, Joette McKenzie, Evelyn Walker, Simon Anderson, Sharmaine Edwards, Simone Spence
  • Cardiovascular Health in Urban Poor and Middle-Income Communities in Jamaica: Impact of Psychosocial Stress, Social Networks, and Social Support. Investigators: Trevor S Ferguson, Marshall K Tulloch-Reid, Novie O Younger-Coleman, Ishtar Govia, Joette McKenzie, Shelly R McFarlane, Damian K Francis, Rainford J Wilks, David R. Williams
  • The Impact of COVID-19 Control measures on NCD Risk Factors and Metabolic Health: A Comparison of 3 Caribbean Countries. Investigators: Marshall Tulloch-Reid (PI), Maria Jackson, Joette McKenzie, Simon Anderson, Eden Augustus, Donald Simeon, Marsha Ivy, Shelly-Anne Hunte, Akil Williams
  • Determinants of Baseline Nutritional Status and Fitness on Performance and Risk of Injury and Illnesses During Exercise Training in Jamaican Adults Investigators: Suzanne Soares-Wynter (Principal Investigator), Kwesi Marshall (Co-Investigator)
  • Historical and Epidemiological Transitions in Urban Caribbean Foodscapes: Understanding the Past to Enhance Future Healthy Eating Investigator: Cornelia Guell, Other Investigators: Ishtar Govia (UWI PI), Nigel Unwin, Matthew Smith, Hernice Altink, Karyn Morrissey
  • Microelements in Life Expectancy and Ageing (MILEAGE). Investigators: Professor Marvin Reid (FMS) Honorary Professor Asha Badaloo (CAIHR), Dr Shelly McFarlane (CAIHR)