2022 Publications


Books and Monographs

  1. Book Chapter: Public Policy Challenges to Control Childhood Obesity in Latin America and the Caribbean (D. Thomas, C. Taylor-Bryan, S. McFarlane, A. Badaloo) in Public Policy Challenges to Control Childhood Obesity in Latin America and the Caribbean: DOI: 10.5935/978-65-88041-03-1.0001 (http://dx.doi.org) https://www.editoraemescam.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/POLITICAS-PUBLICAS-DIRIGIDAS-A-INFANCIA-INGLES-22-12-1.pdf

  2. Book Chapter: The Clinical Usefulness of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers: Current and Future Directions; McGrowder, D., Anderson-Jackson, L., Dilworth, L., Mohansingh, S., Cross, M. A., Bryan, S., Miller, F., Wilson-Clarke, C., Nwokocha, C., Alexander-Lindo, R., & McFarlane, S. (2022). In G. Kais, & Y. Hamdi (Eds.), Cancer Bioinformatics [Working Title]. IntechOpen. https://doi.org/10.5772/intechopen.103172

Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Adams OP, Herbert JR, Unwin N, Howitt C. “Peripheral Arterial Disease Prevalence in a Population-Based Sample of People with Diabetes on the Caribbean Island of Barbados”. Vasc Health Risk Manag. 2022 May 31;18:387-395. doi: 10.2147/VHRM.S364993.

  2. Anzinger, J. J., Mears, C. D., Ades, A. E., Francis, K., Phillips, Y., Leys, Y. E., Spyer, M. J., Brown, D., de Filippis, A., Nastouli, E., Byrne, T., Bailey, H., Palmer, P., Bryan, L., Webster-Kerr, K., Giaquinto, C., Thorne, C., Christie, C., & ZIKAction Consortium1,2* (2022). Antenatal Seroprevalence of Zika and Chikungunya Viruses, Kingston Metropolitan Area, Jamaica, 2017-2019. Emerging infectious diseases, 28(2), 473–475. https://doi.org/10.3201/eid2802.211849 *Gordon-Strachan G., Member, ZIKAction Consortium 1,2

  3. Arsenault, C., Gage, A., Kim, M.K., Kapoor, N.R., Akweongo, P., Amponsah, F., Aryal, A., Asai, D., Awoonor-Williams, J.K., Ayele, W., Bedregal, P., Doubova, S.V., Dulal, M., Dormenyo Gadeka, D., Gordon-Strachan, G., Haile Mariam, D., Hensman, D., Joseph, J.P., Kaewkamjornchai, P., Kassa Eshetu, M., Kassahun Gelaw, S., Kubota, S., Leerapan, B., Margozzini, P., Derseh Mebratie, A., Mehata, S., Moshabela, M., Mthethwa, L., Nega, A., Oh, J., Park, S., Passi-Solar, A., Pérez-Cuevas, R., Phengsavanh, A., Reddy, T., Rittiphairoj, T., Sapag, J.C., Thermidor, R., Tlou, B., Valenzuela Guiñez, F., Bauhoff, S., Kruk, M.E. (2022). COVID-19 and resilience of healthcare systems in 10 countries. Nature Medicine 28(6), 1314–1324. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41591-022-01750-1

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  6. Cuartas J, Baker-Henningham H, Cepeda A, Rey-Guerra C, Instituto Colombiano de Bienstar Familiar (ICBF) Early Childhood Team. (2022) “The Apapacho violence prevention parenting program: Conceptual foundations and pathways to scale”. International Journal of Environmental and Public Health 19, 8582. Doi: 10.3390/ijerph19148582.

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  8. Debbie S. Thompson, Tamika Y.N. Royal-Thomas, Ingrid A. Tennant, Deanne P. Soares, Christopher D. Byrne, Terrence E. Forrester, Peter D. Gluckman, Michael S. Boyne. Fatty liver among adult survivors of severe acute malnutrition. Scientific Reports. Sci Rep 12, 3690 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-07749-5. Impact Factor: 4.379.

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  11. Fisher L-A, Stephenson S, Tulloch-Reid MK, Anderson SG. Acute kidney injury following cardiopulmonary bypass in Jamaica. JTCVS Open 2022 (11):161-175. Published May 30, 2022. DOI :https://doi.org/10.1016/j.xjon.2022.05.012

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Technical Reports

  1. Smith JA, Chang SM, Walker SP Report on the impact of a remote delivery parenting program on parenting practices. Submitted to Inter-American Development Bank, Ministry of Health and Wellness (Family Health Unit) and Planning Institute of Jamaica, July 2022.

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  4. Sobers N, Campbell JM, Forde SA, Hambleton I, Prussia P. Cancer in Barbados 2015: Report of the BNR-Cancer. The George Alleyne Chronic Disease Research Centre, January 2022. 2015 Cancer Annual Report (bnr.org.bb). For the Barbados Ministry of Health & Wellness