Chronic Disease Registries

The GA-CDRC operates a multi-disease surveillance registry called The Barbados National Registry of Chronic Non-communicable Diseases (BNR). The BNR is a Ministry-funded active surveillance registry for stroke, heart attack, and cancer. It was developed by the GA-CDRC in 2008, and was highlighted in 2011 during Prime Minister The Hon. Freundel Stuart’s address to the UN High Level Meeting on Non-communicable Diseases.

Under the Head of NCD Surveillance, Dr Angela Rose and the Registrar Mrs Shelly-Ann Forde, the BNR provides the Ministry with prospective incidence and mortality rates for the leading causes of cardiovascular death in Barbados: heart attacks and stroke, and retrospective estimates for cancer. The BNR report for 2015 recorded almost two strokes and one heart attack per day. The BNR's surveillance data helped inform planning for the Stroke Care and Cardiac Unit recently constructed at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The performance of these Units will also be monitored and evaluated by the BNR based on 28 day mortality data.

The BNR has also revealed gaps in the healthcare system, such as in death certification and an unexpected 50% mortality from heart attacks before hospital admission. These have yielded invaluable insights to help strengthen the Barbados healthcare system.

The first year of cancer registration yielded fairly typical rates and patterns of cancer, except that lung cancer was lower than expected and colorectal cancer more common than expected.

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