Determining the lower extremity amputation rate at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (2004 – 2014)

GA-CDRC Investigators:

Ian R. Hambleton (Principal Investigator), Catherine Brown

Funding Obtained:

BDS 15,000 from UWI School of Graduate Studies and Research

Start Date:

October 2015

End Date:

December 2017



Using data from the Barbados amputation study of 2004, staff at the Chronic Disease Research Centre estimated that every year in Barbados 1 in 100 people with diabetes will have an amputation, one of the highest rates reported worldwide. Among amputees, prognosis was poor. This new project primary goal to update this original study by a retrospective review to "fill in the evidence gap" between 2004 and 2014 with respect to amputation rates in Barbados. A secondary goal is to begin a process of coalescing - through collaboration - the various research groups involved in ulceration/wound and amputation research in Barbados. The study is one step towards launching a national Barbados amputation registry. A feasibility study is currently under way. As of July 2017, QEH data collection was approximately 50 percent completed.
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