Data Protection at The University of the West Indies (“The UWI” or the “University”) is overseen by the University Data Protection Office (The “UDP Office”).  The UDP Office is responsible for upholding the principles outlined in The UWI Data Protection Policy (February 2020), performing the core activities required for University-wide Data Protection, including projects geared towards Data Protection, and providing support services for the University Data Protection Officer (UDPO).

The Office’s core Data Protection activities include: 
-    creating the requisite Data Protection compliance roadmaps and frameworks; 
-    monitoring staff and other agents of the University to ensure Policy compliance;  
-    being the communication hub for Data Protection at the University; 
-    spearheading the culture change required; 
-    and managing Personal Data breaches when they occur.


Given that The UWI operates across 17 Anglophone Caribbean territories and 10 global centres in partnership with universities in North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe, the UDP Office is expected to keep abreast of the global Data Protection (or Privacy) legislation that might affect The UWI.

The UDP Office is staffed by:

  • The University Data Protection Officer (Head of Unit) – Dr Patrick Anglin.
  • A Research Officer (RO) - responsible for scheduling and undertaking the research activities required to ensure that the UDPO is kept abreast of changes in the Data Protection.  The RO might be called upon to work alongside, or manage, other researchers or professionals in other areas across, and outside, the University. [Position has not yet been filled]
  • An Administrative Assistant - provides general administrative support to the UDP Office, coordinates the activities of the Office, assists with the development and management of the Office’s budget and undertakes various, minor, research activities.
  • A Clerical Assistant (CA) - often the first point of contact with customers (internal and external) visiting or calling the UDP Office, and also provides administrative support.  The CA is often the first point of contact with customers (internal and external) visiting or calling the UDP Office.