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Claude Rahir & The Murals

Situated on the Mona campus are two very iconic murals. In 1979, Belgian artiste Claude Rahir along with students of the then Jamaica School Art (now Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts) created two artistic masterpieces, one on the front wall of the then Caribbean Institute (School) of Media & Communication (CARIMAC)  and the other on the three-story external wall of the Assembly Hall.  On a visit to Jamaica to restore the paintings in 1996, Rahir participated in a radio interview, where he shared how he came about doing the pieces in Jamaica.

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Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: To Port Antonio and Back

What a journey it has been, traversing UCWI’s memory lane through the reports and tales of the 1955-1958 Pelican Newsletters. The journey down memory lane took us to the early days of UCWI when Mona was the only campus of this regional University – populated by students from all across the anglophone Caribbean. This diverse mix of students resulted in a richly blended U(C)WI culture that is reflective of the Caribbean.