UWItv showcases and delivers a diversity of UWI-programming to millions of viewers in 22 Caribbean countries as well as the large Caribbean Diaspora communities in New York, Toronto, Montreal, London and Europe.

The cable service is complemented by a robust web and social presence, allowing users to access content in real time or on demand. The UWItv website www.uwitv.org allows access to all the programmes broadcast on the cable TV networks at the viewer’s convenience - anywhere, any time and on any device. Site visitors can also search a database containing archived UWI content covering a wide range of subjects over the past five years; making it an invaluable resource on Caribbean matters, for students, scholars, librarians, researchers, documentarians and journalists throughout the region and across the world.

UWItv’s four main programming pillars seek to "capture the voices of all of The UWI."

  • Region Talk: Places The UWI at the centre of conversations about regional issues and challenges facing the region
  • Generation Nexx: Focuses on student matters and student features
  • Research Room: Engages researchers, thinkers, innovators and covers the latest research output of the regional institution
  • Pelican Pride: Is a weekly magazine programme profiling The UWI in the community, alumni, and happenings at the University
UWITV – Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, describes the launch of UWItv, a new multimedia public information and education service offered through a tripartite partnership with The UWI, CaribVision and RJR Jamaica as “a game charger in Caribbean education and public outreach". In addressing the media launch at The UWI's Cave Hill Campus, Sir Hilary defined UWItv as "a demonstrable outcome of partnerships between industry and academia, which forms part of the Triple A Vision outlined in the university’s new strategic direction: Alignment between industry and academia for wealth creation and distribution; expansion of access to tertiary education and increased agility to global opportunities."