Research-led Policy and Action

The University of the West Indies continues to undertake cutting-edge research, developing academic-industry partnerships for business and innovation, and offering consultancy services to the private and public sector in areas key to sustainable development in the Caribbean.

The UWI is committed to:

  • offering research-led solutions to the region's problems
  • supporting the immense creativity of Caribbean people and linking creativity to income-generation
  • developing innovations that make new use of local resources
  • encouraging entrepreneurship and business development among our students and faculty, as well as in the wider Caribbean, as a means of job-creation, attracting investment, diversifying our economies, and boosting trade
  • increasing academy-industry partnerships that combine research with innovation, in order to stimulate economic growth and opportunity in the region.

Some Research-led Solutions in 2015-2016

  • The appointment of a new Executive Director for UWI Consulting (, which has grown to be a major provider of research, strategy and enterprise consultancy services to governments, companies, and non-governmental institutions operating in the Caribbean.
  • A multi-sector Zika Task Force to battle the spread and impact of the Zika Virus in the Caribbean (
  • A ground-breaking Diabetes Reversal Study, led by The UWI Chronic Disease Research Centre (, with the potential to save millions of lives in the region and around the world.