Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1

To execute innovative cross-institute research themes and programmes addressing regional and global health priorities.

Strategic Objectives

  • To develop and implement cross-institute research themes and programmes
  • To establish research teams and conduct innovative projects within each theme addressing regional and global health priorities
  • To strengthen and extend the CaIHR network of regional and global research partners and stakeholders

Goal 2

To translate evidence based research on priority issues to develop and strengthen programmes that improve lives globally.

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop, pilot and publish health interventions in priority areas
  • To use peer reviewed, population-based evidence, generated by CaIHR and others, to inform and influence health policy and improve health outcomes in the Caribbean
  • To share evidence of effective sustainable health interventions with policy makers in the region and internationally, and contribute to the design and evaluation of programmes at scale

Goal 3

To develop a cadre of highly skilled, outstanding researchers and professionals to respond to health needs in the Caribbean and beyond.

Strategic Objectives

  • To implement a structured approach to mentorship of junior and intermediate faculty
  • To train outstanding researchers and health professionals in areas consistent with the goals and objectives of CaIHR
  • To continue capacity building initiatives relevant to CaIHR and regional research needs

Goal 4

To be an effectively and efficiently managed institute.

Strategic Objectives

  • To have clearly documented and communicated roles and responsibilities for all members of staff
  • To have clearly documented and communicated key management/administrative processes
  • To strengthen core services to effectively support the work of the institute
  • To have an informative and engaging communication strategy reaching all stakeholders

Goal 5

To generate sufficient income to sustain the institute’s needs, initiatives and projects

Strategic Objectives

  • To obtain substantial grant funds to support research and other initiatives
  • To generate income from training, services and new sources of income
  • To develop a system to prioritize funding for identified needs, initiatives, projects
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