Regulation is currently under review by the Board of Undergraduate Studies. It will be include on the web site once it has been finalized.


The University allows for credit for a course taken at another institution to be used towards the degree requirements when determined to be satisfactory following evaluation by the university. Where credit for a course taken at another institution is requested, it is the student’s responsibility to provide all the information needed by the University to enable it to assess the course. Credit hours earned from another institution at the time of admission to the University of the West Indies will not be used in the computation of a grade point average.

A University student who wishes to take academic courses elsewhere and apply those credits toward the UWI degree must obtain approval in advance from the relevant Academic Board on the recommendation of the Board of the Faculty in which he/she is registered. Only the grade equivalent as determined by the Board for Undergraduate Studies of the results achieved and not the marks or grades so earned at another institution shall be used in the computation of such student’s GPA.


In accordance with prescribed faculty regulations, where a student may have failed a course(s), or not written final examination in a course(s), he/she may request permission to transfer or carry forward coursework marks obtained. This regulations still applies however, in cases where marks earned for a course taken under the 2003-2013 grading regulations are transferred to the same course taken under the new policy, a conversion formulae is applied. This is necessary to bring the mark being transferred and which was based on a pass mark to 40%, to be on par with the other components of the course which are assessed at 50% pass mark.

The following formulae will be used to convert to the new grading scale:

New Mark = (5 x Old Mark + Max) / 6

Faculties will be responsible for converting the coursework marks.