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Professor Stephan Gift

(Graduate Studies & Research)

The world of Graduate Studies at The University of the West Indies (UWI) is an opportunity for each individual who so chooses to unlock his or her potential as they prepare to make an even more significant impact on the institution, the community, the country, the region and the world. At the graduate level, you will find that the training of the mind for innovation and creativity supersedes the gathering of information. Indeed the new learning paradigm is not about garnering knowledge but rather creating new knowledge, not about remembering theories but analysing the implication of those theories and doing so in a context of personal and professional growth and development.

The wide range of taught graduate programmes and the courses within each programme, complemented by the award winning scholars and experienced practitioners who deliver these courses, will inspire your learning as you engage. You will find the research degrees to be challenging, thought provoking and a mixture of student creativity and faculty enrichment. Regardless of the Campus to which you are attached (Cave Hill, Mona, St. Augustine or Open), the Faculty or Institute in which you enrol (Engineering, Humanities and Education, Law, Medical Sciences, Science and Technology or Social Sciences), The University of the West Indies is committed to providing the best graduate opportunity possible in a flexible academic environment designed to facilitate excellence in scholarship. The Offices of Graduate Studies and Research (OGSR) on each Campus stand ready to help, to advise and to engage as you design the graduate path you intend to pursue. The dedicated OGSR staff will accompany you on and provide support throughout this journey from admission to graduation. As you engage your Postgraduate learning at The UWI, you will find your place to shine, to advance your education, be innovative, enhance your leadership potential, and secure your development.