Reaching for Excellence

To ensure that we serve all our stakeholders with excellence, The UWI has adopted a more cohesive and systematic approach to quality management through a formal quality policy. The UWI Quality Policy is intended to deepen the culture of quality and ensure that quality is everyone’s business.

What The UWI Quality Policy means to me

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  • "The UWI has indeed committed itself to taking quality to the next level where every member of staff perceives the critical importance of her or his role in the institution’s quality culture."

    Sandra Ingrid Gift, PhD

    Senior Programme Officer
    Quality Assurance Unit

  • "Having a coherent quality assurance plan allows people outside The UWI to know the value of the degree being offered. The UWI Quality Policy ensures that the degrees offered are worthwhile and world class."

    Mr. Jevon Dixon, BSc, BA

    Graduate Student
    The UWI Mona and Institut d’Études Politiques de Bordeaux and UWI STAT Ambassador

  • "I consider the implementation of a UWI Quality Policy a significant step which will assist UWI Alumni Relations professionals as they seek to increase alumni engagement across the regional institution."

    Celia Davidson Francis, BA, MA

    Director of Alumni Relations
    Director and Coordinator of the Vice-Chancellor's UWI STAT Ambassadorial Corps

  • "We must always remember that disability respects no one. You can be able-bodied today and disabled tomorrow. So we must always plan and implement quality programmes and policies that are inclusive of these vulnerable individuals."

    Senator Floyd Morris, PhD

    UWI Centre for Disability Studies

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Composed by Javaughn Thompson

As we become more engaged locally and globally, we are strategically confronting the challenges facing our region: a high-quality UWI will become the engine of a high-quality Caribbean.

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