What The UWI Quality Policy means to me

  • "The UWI has indeed committed itself to taking quality to the next level where every member of staff perceives the critical importance of her or his role in the institution’s quality culture. These are all extremely positive and promising developments for The UWI’s quality culture, the preservation of the institution's reputation for academic excellence and continuous improvement of service quality."

    Sandra Ingrid Gift, PhD

    Senior Programme Officer
    Quality Assurance Unit

  • "It is commendable that The UWI is becoming more sensitive towards its stakeholders' needs and expectations, through ensuring that all its processes are evaluated and monitored. As far as human resources are concerned, the Quality Policy should serve as a reference for staff in articulating their purpose and in helping them to understand how the quality of their individual contribution affects the overall output and, therefore, its importance to the success of The UWI."

    Mrs. Deon Nicely-Simpson, BSc, MSc

    Assistant Registrar (Staff)
    Office of Administration

  • "Having a coherent quality assurance plan allows people outside The UWI to know the value of the degree being offered. Consequently, students can now be reassured that they are graduating with a degree that has value internationally in this globalised age. In essence, whilst having a tertiary education is crucial, the quality of that degree is equally essential. The UWI Quality Policy ensures that the degrees offered are worthwhile and world class."

    Mr. Jevon Dixon, BSc, BA

    Graduate Student
    The UWI Mona and Institut d’Études Politiques de Bordeaux and UWI STAT Ambassador

  • "The quality tenets serve to deepen the quality ethos aimed at transforming UWI's administrative culture and processes and thereby complement the established quality assurance system for a holistic quality environment as envisioned by its stakeholders."

    Dr. Angella Stephens, DBA

    Senior Programme Officer
    Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies

  • "I consider the implementation of a UWI Quality Policy a significant step which will assist UWI Alumni Relations professionals as they seek to increase alumni engagement across the regional institution. Research shows that student experience directly impacts alumni loyalty. The ENTIRE student experience (academic learning/administrative interaction and co-curricular activities) cultivates a graduate, therefore all members of The UWI community impact both Quality and Alumni Relations."

    Celia Davidson Francis, BA, MA

    Director of Alumni Relations
    Director and Coordinator of the Vice-Chancellor's UWI STAT Ambassadorial Corps

  • "What The UWI Quality Policy means for me as a student is commitment to ensuring that the highest quality of education is provided …and a consistently applied system of evaluation in maintaining the highest accreditation standards and frequent communication among stakeholders."

    Mr. Don Roach

    The UWI Cave Hill Campus, International Relations (Special)

  • "It is my firm belief that we can significantly improve the quality service to members of the community of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). We must always remember that disability respects no one. You can be able-bodied today and disabled tomorrow. So we must always plan and implement quality programmes and policies that are inclusive of these vulnerable individuals."

    Senator Floyd Morris, PhD

    UWI Centre for Disability Studies

Service Excellence

World Excellence

The UWI is the only Caribbean university to be ranked among best in the world by premier ranking agency, Times Higher Education.

Student Excellence

The annual Students Awards Ceremony celebrate the critical and enduring partnership between The UWI and partners all in support of student excellence.

Staff Excellence

The Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence programme recognise outstanding staff achievements in Teaching, Research, Service to the University Community, Contribution to Public Service, All-round Excellence, Departmental Excellence, Multi-Campus Research Collaboration and International Collaboration.

Alumni Excellence

The Pelican Award, a special alumni accolade celebrates alumni considered role models for the UWI population globally having excelled in their chosen fields.

Quality Policy Student Survey 2019-20 Prize Winners

During the period November 4-29, 2019, all students were invited to tell us how The UWI rates on quality. Participants were entered into a random draw for a chance to win a Samsung Note 10.

Cave Hill Campus

We offer congratulations to Ms. Annesha Sobers, the grand prize winner at The UWI Cave Hill Campus. Listen to her perspective on the UWI experience.

Open Campus

Ms. Zima Isidore, a student at the Open Campus St Lucia Country Site is the grand prize winner for the Open Campus. Ms Isidore, who is a lab technician, is enrolled in the BSc Psychology programme. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and visiting different rivers around St Lucia. She also loves to travel and read.

Quality Song

Composed by Javaughn Thompson

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