UWI Consulting rebranded as Lumin Consulting

In seeking to deepen the partnerships The UWI has restructured and realigned its wholly-owned consulting firm, UWI Consulting, as LUMIN Consulting. The firm is headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica and supports the role The UWI intends to play in reinvigorating Caribbean development and ensuring that the University is at the centre of a new growth trajectory for the region.

Former Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding, World Bank Country Manager for Jamaica Galina Sotirova, Executive Director of LUMIN Consulting Lisa Cummins and Vice-Chancellor of The UWI Sir Hilary Beckles.

The firm draws from a diverse team of in-house consultants, led by Executive Director, Lisa Cummins, and includes outstanding alumni, exemplars in the diaspora and UWI partners around the globe. Lumin's clients receive professional, expert support in crafting new national development visions, developing implementation plans, driving change at the institutional and firm level and fostering the development of new industries by introducing new pro-growth interventions.

LUMIN has developed a new operational model that will further its vision to effect change, drive transformation and guarantee a positive impact in the region and beyond. It will draw on global development standards and goals for the small economies of the Caribbean and the world, providing research, strategy and enterprise consulting services to its clients. Its four key specialty areas are: inclusive growth and development; enterprise, strategy and development; technology, innovation and entrepreneurship; and sustainable development and climate change. These areas represent some of the most pressing challenges facing the region.

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