More online education through partership with IDB

The UWI and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) have agreed to collaborate to bring more online learning to citizens across the Caribbean region and the world. The partnership will seek to fulfil a significant demand in the English-speaking Caribbean for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) content.

Ms. Therese Turner-Jones, General Manager, IDB Caribbean Group, makes a point as she brings greetings during The UWI-IDB special presentation on "MOOCs – Pathways to Open Knowledge" on November 5, 2018, at The UWI Regional Headquarters, Mona, Jamaica.

The UWI-IDB partnership will facilitate cooperation on the development of joint MOOCs; translation of existing Bank MOOCs from Spanish to English, with Caribbean content and assessment of selected Bank or joint MOOCs, training courses and/or educational programmes for academic credit and certification by The UWI.

This opportunity is especially valuable in less developed countries where access to formal education and information and communication technology are more limited, and is another manifestation of The UWI's strategic intent to increase access to quality education for a greater number of persons in the region.

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