Invitation for Applications for Museum Rental

Invitation for Applications for Museum Rental

Since 1948, The UWI has provided support to regional artists. Art is the lens through which Caribbean society has been made legible, contested, and negotiated. Caribbean artists in the 21st century continue to do this work by incorporating both innovative and older technologies such as artificial intelligence and printmaking. Under the leadership of then Vice Chancellor, Sir Phillip Sherlock, who was also former Secretary for the Institute of Jamaica in the 1930s, the institution actively facilitated exhibitions for young and upcoming artists such as Gloria Escoffery through the now defunct Creative Arts Fund in the 1960s. Sir Sherlock envisioned the University as a space to foster creative imagination, especially among students, thus founding the Creative Arts Centre on the Mona Campus, later renamed under Vice Chancellor Rex Nettleford as the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts. Throughout all The UWI campuses, art – through multiple mediums and disciplines – continues to be collected and integrated into the daily life of the campus, in the classroom, and upon its landscapes, marking memory, change, and the passage of time.

Artists, however, need safe spaces to exhibit their work and the UWI Museum plant provides a unique and secure location for the exhibition of works of art. For more information, please visit our website at

In a secure environment with access to secure parking, artists will have access to 500 square feet of exhibition space to install an exhibit. Proposed exhibitions can be in place for a minimum of one (1) month to a maximum of 3 months. We expect artists to host an ‘artist talk’ as a component of their programming. The fees include security, assistance with installation, electricity and advertising on the museum’s social media pages and campus messaging. The fees are as follows:

Rental fees:

1 month: $45,000

2 months: $70,000

3 months: $105,000

Proposed exhibitions will be incorporated into the museum schedule for the academic year. We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis. 


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