UWI Engineering Alumni

UWI Engineering Alumni are represented by a UWIEAA Regional Contact: Dr. David Smith. He is based in Jamaica, but travels extensively, regionally and internationally.

We thank him for assisting his Alma Mater, as the UWIEAA Regional Contact.

To contact him email: uwieaa@alumni.uwi.edu

Dr. Smith is the IAD “link” to UWI engineers and Caribbean engineering associations as and when necessary. Dr. Smith is the lead contact of the "Network for UWI Engineering Alumni" on Alumni Online (AO)- a group specifically for engineers.

The AO groups will provide professional links amongst UWI engineers, Caribbean engineers and Caribbean professional engineering associations, to add value and facilitate business and professional opportunities.

This free service is offered to UWI engineers and Caribbean associations - i.e it is a "space" for more REGIONAL interaction amongst engineers. If there are items that Engineers want shared with the wider community, this can be facilitated. Engineers can also advertise their businesses in the Classifieds section, be e-mentors, post resumes etc.

The UWIEA will operate primarily through the AO Network. Engineers can utilize it as they wish - for information and networking only - or if they wish they could also use some of the other AO features, as necessary - thus allowing each engineer the freedom to be as "involved" or "uninvolved" as he/she wishes.

David is a co-founder of Smith Warner International Ltd. which was formed in 1995 and specialises in Coastal and Environmental Engineering, Marine Development and Construction and Project Management (http://www.smithwarner.com/cpmanagement.html).


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