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Good news - the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business Chapter of the UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA) is now established! 

Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business graduates have joined other UWIAA Chapters and will build loyal relationships with their classmates and the University.  The UWI recognises the contribution of graduates to their communities, nations and the Caribbean and celebrates alumni excellence. The UWIAA ALJGSB is a Sub-Chapter of the Trinidad and Tobago Chapter and will operate independently to reflect the uniqe focus of its members, and will collaborate with the country Chapter for special and regional events, projects and programmes.  

UWI-ALJGSB graduates know that they are well prepared for the business world and are knowledgeable, competent and resilient. The Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business has prepared you for the Caribbean region and for an evolving world - join other UWI-ALJGSB graduates and make the most of networking opportunities as part of “One UWI, One Alumni Family!”.

Show your Pelican Pride and stay connected!

Special thanks to the following graduates below who have fulfilled the requirements to establish the UWI-ALJGSB UWIAA Chapter and who have graciously volunteered their time and talent and will be recorded for posterity in the history of the Chapter. Thanks too to Mr. Raynardo Hassanally, the UWI-ALJGSB Alumni Coordinator who worked with the Director of Alumni Relations and the team below.

Current Interim UWIAA ALJGSB Board Members:

President                   Gregory Hill

Vice President            Marciano Lie Ayoung

Board Member           Ravi Suryadevara

Board Member           Dr. Rollin Bertrand

Board Member           Renata Exeter

Board Member           Dr. Maryam Richards

Board Member           Kristofer Granger

Board Member           Cavelle Joseph

Board Member           Frances Haynes

UWIAA ALJGSB Statement of Intent: 

To establish a cohort of progressive, business minded graduates who are intent on positively impacting the regional socio-economic landscape by harnessing creativity and innovation and initiating change in their respective spheres of life, thereby propelling the Caribbean to compete on a Global Scale


1.To promote the value of the Alumni and cultivate traditions that build loyal relationships amongst students, alumni, and the school.

2. To enhance the talent and recognize the contribution of the alumni to business, the school and society, to contribute to the development of the Lok Jack GSB Brand of Global Excellence

3. To partner with the school for its continuous growth and development of its stature in the academic landscape and in society

4. To recognize Alumni and Institutional Excellence

5. To pay it forward and create a path for future business leaders


Excellence – We are committed to cultivating and harnessing excellence as our Alumni are considered our most valuable resource, becoming our advocates in the many fora on which they appear.

Loyalty – We see loyalty as the key to creating a vibrant, committed, and active Alumni body. We seek to earn the trust of the school’s past, present and future student bodies as students today become Alumni tomorrow.

Collaboration/Relationships – We believe that the school’s potential can only be realized upon the strength of a formidable Alumni body that is a source for leadership, solutions, innovation, creativity and performance.

Leadership - We are global leaders who bring value by innovating and creating pathways for our communities. We must be inclusive, progressive, and bold toward the evolution of our communities.

Plan to join and to become involved in the proposed initiatives.

The first official Election of Officers will be held in July 2022. 

For additional information visit - https://www.lokjackgsb.edu.tt/alumni-board


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